ThunderCats Mumm Ra- The Everliving !!!

Standing a massive 26″ from bottom of the base to top of his helmet, this is the Thunder Cats collectible you have all been waiting for !

Stay tuned to this blog and for pre-order information.  Mumm Ra will be very limited and sold via pre-order on a first come first serve basis with delivery of the statue in Fall 2011.

Check out an exclusive full body preview pic at MTV Geek !


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ThunderCats Mumm Ra Teaser

Here is a teaser of the upcoming Mumm Ra Statue.  It is still missing the ‘streamers’ that will come off the back of his helmet but otherwise is finished.

However this is NOT yet approved for production.


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Darkstalkers Lord Raptor – Painted !

Here is a little teaser of the painted Lord Raptor statue coming this summer.   This has not been approved by Capcom yet so there may still be changes.

A couple notes:  The guitar strings are not put on yet and , obviously, he doesnt have his base yet.

He is in 1/4 scale and incorporates fabric jeans.



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Lord Raptor finished digital output

The Lord Raptor statue is being painted today but before we started I took a bunch of shots for y’all.


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Thundercats Mumm Ra unpainted !!

Here are some shots of the 26″ tall  Mumm Ra prototype before painting and cloth costume.


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Thundercats Lion-O EX light up eyes



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Lord Raptor digital output

Here is a pic of the Lord Raptor digital output


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